Olea Sphere® provides access to a complete MRI brain lesion, including specific packages for oncology or neuro-degenerative diseases and non-neuro-paediatrics, invasive perfusion and diffusion techniques.

– Quantitative and qualitative multi-parametric analysis
– Instant calculation of perfusion maps (including K2)
– Use a perfusion technique without contrast agent injection
– The ASL add-on is a non-invasive perfusion technique that measures blood flow without contrast agent injection.
– Extract 3-D nerve paths with our DTI / Tractography plugin
– The DTI plug-in calculates all fiber bundles and parametric maps (FA, VA, RA, RD, AD, MD, TRACE W, COLOR DTI) from diffusion tensor arrays.
– Follow the evolution of lesions with temporal extraction effectively
– Measure changes in lesions between different time points, with mono or multi-modalities in longitudinal analysis.
– This add-on includes an optimized temporal extraction technology.
– Automated 3D common recording and normalization features enable effective monitoring of chronic diseases (ie, tumours, multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative conditions).