Mammography and Osteoporosis Screening


With a single, standard X-ray image of the hand, acquired on your mammography modality, it is possible to measure women’s bone health (Bone Mineral Density, BMD). The test calculates the risk for future fractures with the highest precision in the market offering women the opportunity of a better quality of life. It takes about 30 seconds to perform and is fully integrated into the mammography workflow.

Sectra has packaged this bone health assessment into an efficient service, Sectra OneScreen, that you, in turn, can offer to the women visiting your clinic. For the private clinic, this is an easy to sell add-on service for your mammography customers, delivering a direct impact on your bottom line. For public care providers, this is the most effective bone health screening solution available. This online service is charged on a cost per examination basis.

Combined mammography and osteoporosis assessment

With Sectra OneScreen you can easily conduct osteoporosis screening at the same time as the mammography examination – without disturbing the regular workflow. The hand x-ray is taken at the same time as the breast images, using the same radiology equipment – adding about 30 seconds to the overall examination time.

The technology

Sectra OneScreen uses the patented DXR-technology. It calculates bone mineral density (BMD) based on a single radiology image and is highly correlated to other methods of measure. Based on the World Health Organization standards, the BMD value is evaluated in relation to a reference group to diagnose osteoporosis.