‘s vision is to provide the right solutions in the field of medical informatics and to ensure the continuity of these solutions with high satisfaction and efficiency.

To provide more efficient health care services,

Medical images play a key role in the identification of diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Sectra PACS provides Information Technology solutions and services for the storage, display and operation of medical images. Cancer diseases, osteoarthritis and orthopaedic surgery represent some of the most costly and resource-intensive areas in the healthcare sector – facilitating the diagnosis, planning and follow-up of services provided by the company. SectraPACS also helps to improve the quality of medical education by offering medical images and sharing training materials.

The passion for meeting the expectations and the passion to overcome them,

Sectra’s products and services are known for their stability and availability. Internal and external customer satisfaction surveys clearly show that the Sectra is a group of highly talented individuals who are experienced by their employees and who are happy to share their experiences and are ready to go the extra mile to solve their problems. Everything from their hands is done to understand customers’ needs and the challenges they face, and the information they hold is used to simplify and improve the day-to-day operations of customers. That’s why customers choose to stay with the Sectra for a long time. The unique “Sectra spirit” is built on a strong corporate culture. When combined with innovation and technological excellence, it forms the basis of Sectra’s success. It is also the key to long-term cooperation with the company.