We are trying to find a solution to your problems in computers where the services provided by our company are installed. Missing and misunderstandings that may be experienced in communication cause time loss in detection and solution of the problem. There are applications that can provide access to your computer in order to observe the screen you are viewing and to intervene in the probing process. One of these is the TeamViewer application we also use.

In order for our support team to be able to provide you with faster and better quality services, access to the computer where the problem is experienced is required. From the link below you can download TeamViewer 11, which will allow you to access the remote computer from where we are located. ID and password information will be displayed on this screen after this application is downloaded and run. For access, please forward this information to your support representative who you are communicating with.

You can visit the “CONTACT” page for your question or suggestion.





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